Friday Easy

Friday Easy

Still on my ‘off week’ which is actually now two off weeks. Not good for fitness, great for mental health – something I need.

Rolled around Blackwattle again as my route to work. Made an effort to add alternating heel-kick and high knee drills the whole way. I think it’s a good way to keep flexibility and so 15 reps every few hundred meters. Got to 15 sets? No watch so I was holding the phone using Strava App. 6km all up.

Lunch time, whilst the crew were doing 4x2km at Hickson, I headed the other way with Sam T. Another new bloke to HuRTS (Vince) joined us near ABC as we shot out to Garden Island for the prescribed 10km easy.

Cracker of a day, really nice and easy run. Saw Heydo and Chairman warming down near CQ. I felt a little guilty.

PM, that guilt rubbed off and so rather than rob my legs of recovery, I added some X-training running home. Route took me through Darling Q, back around Ultimo then Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Every 500m, 10 reps of push-ups, then dips. Probably amassed 10-12 sets.

7km evening jog. 22km for the day.

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