Garden Island

Garden Island

Baffles me why you’d do the 45 min progressive tempo (per HuRTS) if C2S is on the cards. Skipping this was not a hard decision as I generally avoid speed for 2 weeks after a marathon (I’m at 9 days).

Successfully recruited Charlie and Wooey for an easy 10km in cracking 23 degree temperatures. We started around OH and passing farm cove, saw HuRTS on their outbound leg of the tempo. It was a very relaxing run out to Garden Island (4.9km) where we doubled back the same route.

A surprise surge from Charlie at Farm Cove, combined with a sudden feeling that my legs had warmed up, prompted me to add 15s surges over 8-10km circling OH and up Macquarie St. The HuRTS team was heading back home at this stage, many likely doing half the set. My run was 10km at 4:50s with 10x15s surges. Poor Wooey looked lifeless by the end – literally motionless on the ground.

20km for the day (double commute) plus 20 min strength before work. 60 burpees continuous – very proud. Maybe the burpees explain my flat quads of late?

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