Getting it done

Getting it done

Saturday – Swim

Back to Ian Thorpe. Wanted to drive, but decided the 4k run should be a good warm-up. Got there in one piece but boy was that a struggle (went via Annandale). Managed to splash my way around the fast lane whilst getting steamrolled by three blokes who were doing drills. 1.5k in 29 flat. The run back was not pleasant to be honest. Legs seem to really suffer after I swim.

Sunday – Long Run

Had reservations about this one as yesterday was certainly sobering. Still getting the pains through the hip, however an aggressive dosage of self-massage must have helped. Ran over to CP to join CT, Enda, Barts, Scotty, Marko and a few others. Usual 6k loop, then around to Alison Road and Queens Park. I decided to break off there because the pace was too intense. Had a long way to go up from Bondi J and I was counting the steps all the way back home.

31k all up. Sore and fatigued.

Monday – Short

Only 40 minutes fit in a run. Luckily, I found Erika down near Hickson Road and she and I went over to the Green Door at Barangaroo. Dropped her off at CQ (she continued on) and limped back to the office for 8k all up.

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