Just the right sort of day to swim. Consensus seemed to point towards Redleaf as the ideal destination. Headed out early with Champ and Smolly as the rest of the bunch (Jac, Renee, Fehon, Eoin etc) started at 12:30. We did the long way to avoid Loftus thank god.

Legs felt a little wobbly however after a few good Ks they responded well to the movement. The water itself was spectacular and judging by Smolly’s excitement, so to was the views of sunbathers in the area. Got to do 1 lap, tread water before hoping out and heading back.

5k return leg with the larger mob was quite nice as everyone was happy to walk the dreaded stairs. 13k all up.

PM: doubled up with a run home. I’ve told myself I’m avoiding ‘junk’ however Jac needed company and she does live close by. I’m impressed by her training of late and she’s doing the doubles (incl commute). That’s what is required for 6FT training.

19k for the day.


Achilles sore. It’s coming and going which presumably followed that horrible Tuesday 20 min hills on unstable grass. With such mucky weather and the need to rest, I jogged over to LPAC for an easy 45 min splashing. Superb.

Massively slow – 45 min for 2.1k

In other news, Lorie just hit 20 weeks and it’s a girl. That’s a massive win as in my (limited) experience, girls are easier than boys.

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