Glover Street

Glover Street

Nasty flu, it’s going around the office and now I’m a carrier. So bad that I was still in bed at 7am which says something! All I could manage was to leash Molly up for a jog/walk.

Jogged over to Glover St Sports Ground in 7 degree temps, saw a 500m circuit and figured why not run my own boot camp for 30 min….

10 sets of the following: 200m strides, 15 high knee skips, heel kicks, fast high knees, 10 push-ups. That was my main course. Molly only did the strides. Lazy.

With the watch nearing 7km, a c/d jog around the Bay Run was the perfect dessert to cleanse the palate. Stomach was playing up again, nose running everywhere but at least the sun was out and I had the dog for company.

15km all up in 90 min.

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