To reflect on 2017, I gradually lost motivation on the running front throughout the year. There was only 3 races I completed in fact. SMH Half, Harbour 10 and C2S. All were respectable performances however post C2S I really have not done anything of quality.

So onto 2018, I will try to stay uninjured and assess each month on its own merits. High level goals:

– a few 10ks for run, possibly with a pram
– C2S is always a must
– option to do any of: half mara, mara (?), trail run or triathlon

The last week I have been rebuilding the Ks and doing it well.

Saturday – OK so this was a rest day on the legs. Completed 45 min XT in the morning, high intensity reps with 30s breaks. Back, arms and core. Of course I had to get a swim done too. Did that at Drummoyne Pool in the afternoon. Nice and steady 60s per lap.

Sunday – knew it was going to be 40+ degrees quickly. Met Matt at Hyatt at 6am. So I had to leave the house at 5:25am to make it. Temp was OK at this stage. Ran back to the West with a detour via Hickson Wharves and Pyrmont Wharves. Met Dad for a final loop of the Bay Run. Sunday seems to be the day I run with the family and finish up with a coffee. Love it.

Monday – Barangaroo and return with Wooey. He lasted only 5k and so I ran back to find the HuRTS train somewhere near the underside of the Bridge. Ran a little more with the likes of Tom, Enda and Craig before dropping off back at the Boom Gate. 12k all up.

Tuesday – legs felt REALLY tired, perhaps from Sunday. Decided to best thing to do in this situation is simply stay on flat ground and avoid the 8x1k reps. Caught up with Sam T for an out and back to Jackson’s Landing. Nice run, but never felt good.

Wednesday – another run with Biggsy at lunch. Took a little detour around FC and eventually found our way to Rushcutter’s Bay (like last week). Saw Phil, Champ and Pete on their way out to Bellevue Hill. Was not interested in joining. The run took a good 70 min with a healthy amount of hills.

Here is El taking an accidental nap, just before we were to head out.

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