Green Shoots

Green Shoots

Two (or three?) days in retirement is long enough! Lucky I feel slightly human again – though, why do the legs still feel rubbish? Sheepishly had to miss the Striders 10K at Homebush for obvious reasons.

So I had to decide what my long awaited return would involve… Being an avid reader of Lewis Ingram’s training blog – the most grueling regime of anyone known to me – I adopted his ‘easiest’ day. 20k w/ strides.

Kicked off at 5:30s and noted I was not stopping each 300m to cough up my lungs. Ambled down to Ashfield via sidestreets dodging the usual waterlogged puddles and early AM wierdos in the area,

Cutting back via Trinity School, I reconnected with the Haberfield canal and into Blackmore’s Oval near the Boat Ramp. By then, I was up to 15km and this was starting to become a ‘real’ run.

Turned into a stiff headwind on the grass and persisted with 10x100m strides (with a jog back). 80% effort is all I could manage with both lungs and legs neither capable of more. I feel like I’ve lost months of fitness! A slow jog back via Norton got me to the distance objective.

20km in 1:35 at 4:35s. 

I hope to make the LR tomorrow with the team! Then perhaps at Kepos St Kitchen if Trinity is willing to treat me to a Father’s Day breakfast?

Here she is taking care of me whilst I was off sick yesterday.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-02 at 5.06.55 PM

Run summary.

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