Haberfield, 18km w/ Drills

Haberfield, 18km w/ Drills

This week I’ll look to remove some of the junk, which is largely my commute. That is an easy task today given the Public Holiday. I leashed up Molly and took her through the back streets of Haberfield, Five Dock then back around Drummoyne. Essentially a giant CW loop of Inner West suburbia.

Rather than plodding along at 5:30s, I threw in 10s high knee skips, then 10s fast heel kicks every 500m. Gradually this wore my legs down and almost made the whole run a blend between a recovery and an interval set. Suspect I logged over #35 of these drills?

Got back to some home made French Toast (thanks Lorie) having covered 18km at 5:40s. Molly did well today.

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