Hakone Hills

Hakone Hills

I’m rewarding myself with a few weeks just easy jogging. Yet how is this possible when the run starts off with this?


A street running parallel to the cable car up from Gora (500m elevation) towards a 1.4km mini-Mountain Kami Yama. The thinking was, shuffle but don’t walk. That’s how I tackled 6fT in 2015.

Crawled my way up this stretch and hit the main road, where the incline because more humane. In the distance is the peak, though I’m unsure the route. At 4.3km, I was 350m higher and pretty knackered for a ‘recovery’ run. Sadly the actual peak was off limits (roadblock). Given I wanted to get to 14km, I added 2.5km by descending into an adjacent valley. After a turn, it was another grind back to the old peak. Surprisingly, my quads did not protest.

Got back as the watch ticked over 14km in 80 min. Over 600m elevation change. I was concerned this sort of run would flare up my niggles in the right foot. No immediate signs, however let’s revisit this after 4 days of similar runs.

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