Sunday – Harbour:10 Pacing

Great morning down in the CBD running the Harbour:10. Disappointingly, racing was off the cards given my current state. I was however willing to pace for training mate Tim Lindop, who had $60 on the line with other HuRTS punters and was desperate for a 36:20 pacer.

My over-riding objective was complete a Sunday LR with a tempo. To that end, I clocked up a nice 14km all before the 7:30am start. Just 2 minutes to spare, volunteer Keith Hong ushered me into row 2 just behind Harry Summers. RHS photo, hidden behind the pillar.


The key with TL is he tends to go out hard. He’s the type that needs a pacer for that reason.

To recap, I led out a modest-sized group to 5km in 18:05 despite my GPS going bonkers. Timmy entered survival mode on the Pyrmont Bridge climb and responded to my verbal pleas not to give up. I’d say he was almost  write-off on four occasions from 7km and fought back admirably every time.



Rounding the Hyatt, I knew the job was done to which I celebrated with a solo surge down the home straight. Unbeknownst to me was a bloke (Chris) trying to claim a final scalp. I won’t have any of that.


36:21. I felt the 3:40s was highly controlled, semi-conversational pace which is very pleasing.

Some 7s back in 36:28 was Timmy. Well done on a season best and cleaning up the guys for a $60 gain. I am claiming a performance fee of a free breakfast. Other great performances for the day included Andy Heyden, Brendan, Fletch and Angus.


Good chat to the team at the close left me with a real positive energy and desire to get back to racing asap. I then looked at the watch (24km done) and resolved to complete my LR. Added another 10km with some difficulty by trundling down George Street, into USYD and past Stanmore Station. 34km for the day.

Monday – Recovery

The lunch crew numbers seemed to swell as we rolled around Farm Cove picking up late joiners. I’ll admit feeling very lethargic until 4km and even considered forming a slow group with Birchy and Enda. Luckily, the legs warmed nicely and by Hickson I was up front and controlling the pace alongside Champ and Elle. The crowd always drops off at CQ and today was no exception. I rounded out 14km by returning to OH then back up Macquarie St.

Something is wrong with one of my shoes. The right little toe has become heavily blistered in the last week. Given I run multiple times a day and have six shoes, it’s impossible to isolate the problem.

Tomorrow: strength in the AM, 14×3 min lunch (yikes).

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