Hat Trick

Hat Trick

Sunday – had a [reverse curfew] to get back by 7:30am. That ruled out a 2.5 hour long run unless of course I am insane enough to head out at 5am. Chose to do a run swim run in the 6am to 7:30am window

Ran over to IT pool which itself is 6k (30 min). Jumped in, rolled the arms over at a steady pace of 60s/lap. 1.5k all up. In truth my shoulders really tired after 1k so I was happy to call it a day at that point.

Noticed on my return run down Parramatta Road that my hips were not sure. This was a massive win. 12k running, 1.5k swimming.

Monday – back to Ian Thorpe this time with Sam. Another 1.6k. Sam was kind enough to offer some stroke correction advice after I completed the laps. I think it took me 30 flat to do the 1.6k which is excellent. Very little running today as I cycled to work and home.

Tuesday – Forced myself onto the bike today, but changed my mind in the AM. Rode over to The Domain Field really early. Decided to do 6k on a field with 300m on, 300 off, 10 reps in total. Pace was nothing amazing and at the time it seemed like a good idea.

Headed out at lunch for a IT hat trick. Jogged over with LJ who herself has shot legs from about 3 races in the last two weeks (on an injured body by the way). Unlike Sun/Mon, I was moving much better the shoulders are recovered.

Splashed my way to a 1k PB of 18:02 and completed 1.6k in around 29 minutes. Chuffed to get positive feedback from LJ on my stroke however she’s probably too nice to tell me otherwise.

Ended up running home, and that’s where I noticed sharp pains through the hip once again. Not good at all.

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