Hat Trick

Hat Trick

The hat trick. Pyrmont again and this time with Sam Towill. The reality is there’s no better place for water views, no hills and no tourist dodging (aside from the obvious issues around Darling Harbour).

Decided against the Redleaf option as honestly I’m carrying a few niggles under the right arch again – nothing severe. Also it was ridiculously hot. Dear old Sam bit off more than he can chew asking for a ‘catch up jog’. He’s just returned with a 4/4 handicap. That is, a 4 day bucks party (Melbourne), 4kg heavier.

Can’t be easy dragging a 90kg frame around in 38 degrees. A point that was quite clear once we hit the 7k turn at Jackson’s Landing. The chat was good, then it wasn’t. Saw Hipster Chris and Martin on the way back but my mandate was to get Sam back to the desk in one piece. I was successful in that mission though he looked white, dreary eyed and clearly off balance literally in the last 100m. Before he (almost) fainted, a key piece of information was obtained. Sam’s dad has a 2:26 marathon!

My own run was quite a pleasant 14k in 70 min. The heat in general doesn’t affect me.

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