Fairly buggered from yesterday. It takes days for my quads to recover from 60 min concrete smashing.

Same as last week, the new Wednesday is the C2S course featuring Heartbreak Hill. The band today included Eoin, Timmy and maybe five others. Pace was nice and in fact, the legs held up nicely all the way to Rose Bay before the climb. From there, I picked up the pace to low 4:00s to get the HR moving with the guys strung out behind.

A regroup at the top saw us relax the pace back home. It sucks that when you have a tailwind (outbound) it goes unnoticed but boy did I notice the headwind today. The Edgecliff hill was a stark remind of the K’s in the legs since Sunday and climbing Kings Cross, I mentioned to Eoin that I was no longer enjoying the run.

A good run for 15km, then a tough one for another 2km.

17km at 4:40s.

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