Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak Hill

Knew something was wrong in the morning – sore throat, weak legs, poor concentration. Was considering a rest (heaven forbid) at lunch, but it was too late to turn down Champ who wanted to scout out the C2S course. Joining us was the ‘concert‘ guy James plus ‘the other Telstra guy’ Gary setting out from the Art Gallery. Cold, windy and wet the whole way.

I pleaded for an easy pace and they complied. It didn’t help and the whole out and back felt like an eternity. The 3 difficult hills are Heartbreak Hill itself, and the two return hills up Edgecliff and later King’s Cross. Each one was incrementally harder than the last particularly fighting a stiff westerly. Champ looked way too comfortable and was deliberately half a step in front on the hills. Not sure what he is on but whatever it is, I need to know.

Returned with 17k banked, lots of hills and more fatigued than before. One of those runs which was not overly enjoyable

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