Heartbreak Hill x2

Heartbreak Hill x2

A little bit of a catch up…

Sunday – C2S

Thin on numbers thanks to GC. Met Kev, Timmy, Brendan, Anthony and DK at CP cafe, the usual 7am before we set out to follow the much famed C2S course. Pretty nervous here b/c my recovery is not going well at all. Legs, throat, nose… nothing is working.

Anyway, the guys were forgiving as we headed out of CP and up New South Head Road towards the rich-side of Sydney. Heartbreak Hill went fast (thank god), DK and Anthony dropped somewhere and before long we’re enjoying the Bondi sunshine with the tourists. The fun ended there as you climb Bondi Rd. Here, Brendan and Kev kicked on and poor Timmy was dropped. I did a U-turn at the top to find the straggler and thus it was my assistance that got him home in 1 piece. A touch over 30km done.

Rounded out a good morning with a meal at Kepos St Kitchen. Very good.

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Tuesday – Wharves

Yep, the 4×10 min was never an option. Joined Yum Cha and James for exactly the same 12km route as Monday. That is, Hickson then Barangaroo then back to CQ. It’s just what I do.  I think I feel ok?

Wednesday – Heartbreak Hill

Wow, the same hill just 4 days later and still attempting to run through the flu which is yet to improve. 6km in the AM (not so cold today), largely pondering if the pre-planned attack on the C2S hill was a good idea. Waited at the Gallery at 12:16 (1 min late) for 5 min and it turns out Timmy, Crossy, Birchy and a few others had left.

Solo I went and it actually felt easy. Found the guys up near Kambala as I battled the end of the hill. They were still a good 3 min ahead and so the chase home was all about picking them off 1 by 1. The intensity was fairly high the moment I started the climb to when returned to work. The return leg was basically a tempo into a really stiff headwind which gave the legs and lungs a good bashing. Just what the doctor ordered right? Poor form to Timmy who I caught on the climb to Edgecliff. I came back for him on Sunday and yet no return compliment today!

16km all up at 4:15s. From Strava, the entire 8km return leg I was sitting at 4:00s or below. Very pleasing.

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