Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak Hill

One of the few times where I pre-committed myself to a run. Had the following group: Timmy, Yum Cha, Charlie, Crossy, James and Marko. Ran around to William St and followed that all the way East.

YC was the first to drop (somewhere around Double Bay), and Charlie a few Ks later half way up the hill. Stayed together to Rose Bay, before Timmy suddenly barked orders to tempo to the summit. That means 1k flat, 1k climb.

Followed Timmy and Crossy through RB shops, then left the on the climb. Honestly I felt really good as I hit HBH and knew I was due for some punishment. Crested well past the pre-agreed landmark (200m past the school) and got to the true summit – another 200m. By the time I turned, it was 250m to bridge the gap to the group. This took me 2k to close as they themselves were picking up the pace.

Unlike the rest, I skipped the water stop near Redleaf. This left me catching up to Charlie who was 200m ahead, having turned early after a mild heart attack near the base of the hill. Interestingly my legs felt really good on the return. Poor Charlie looked a broken man back into the CBD and I saw him limping around the office in the pm.

19k at 4:27s. Tempo/climb segment was 3:49 and 4:03.

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