Hickson 2km Reps

Hickson 2km Reps

Perhaps 1 week premature in my return to quality. The set is 3x2km reps from the Terminal out to Barangaroo. The flatness is nice, but I dislike the cross-winds and the inactivity of the 120s standing rest. Great weather, first set with HuRTS in recent memory. Figured 2x2km at 10km would be nice.

Tucked in behind Moyle and Frenchman right off the blocks. By not watch checking, my guess that the Frenchman was towing me along at 3:25s proved so wrong. #1 in 6:16 (3:08s). Whoops.

Lost my co on the way back as they seemed intent on a longer rest (waiting for the main bunch). Kept the same intensity to complete #2 in 6:14s. I was deep in suffering rounding the boardwalk near the Hyatt.

Lucky then #3 was floating with a semi-injured JFen at 3:45s. Finally, #4 was back from Barangaroo to CQ alongside Timmy, Crossy and a few others. Successful day. First time I’ve been sub 3:30s in months!

Warm-up + reps + warm-down = 13km all up.

Like everything, little idea what the new few days entail re running. Perhaps tomorrow easy, Sat 50% chance turning up to Homebush, Sunday LR + brunch.



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