Hickson 3x2ks Bonus

Hickson 3x2ks Bonus

If I do one speed session in a week, that is a win. Two is uncharted territory and cause for celebration…

My call for help in the HuRTS Whatsapp chat for a recovery buddy went unanswered (aside from Enda) and thus almost reluctantly found myself over at Passenger Terminal. Here the team was readying for the dreaded 3x2k reps out to Barangaroo. Of note was a big bucket of 34-36 min 10k runners.

Before I knew it, I was staring at the backside of Scotty and battling with Crossy at the front. #1 at 3:10s, leaving me in the hurt locker. # 2 similar, helped by shamelessly drafting off Scotty the whole way.

Job done as 2x2ks (or so I thought). As best I could, I did see out #3 more relaxed. The strategy was tuck into the chase pack where I have the benefit of trusty allies in Crossy, Frenchman and JFen. A good strategy though I was maybe 5s/k slower.

2km splits: 6:21, 6:15, 6:27. I reckon the crew were running 1.97km…

A 4km c/d with Timmy, Enda and a few others saw me bank 12km for lunch. Happy with today’s effort as I actually did a ‘bonus’ 20 min strength before work. The legs are tired, but fine.

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