Hickson 4x2k Reps

Hickson 4x2k Reps

Very nervous having been sidelined from speedwork for almost 2 months. So unsure of my fitness in fact that I tapered – i.e. ride the bike into work. Met a good bunch down at OPT and looked out for a few allies to keep me honest. The thinking was complete 3 reps at HM pace (3:25s), and see if the legs will cooperate for a 4th.

Vonk is in fine as head readies for Tokyo was well in front today. A little back was Barts and Fats, who seemed to be content budging in my slipstream. I sat comfortably below lactic and was generally in control, enjoying the feeling that this was my first run of the day. Did not even look at the watch the whole 4 reps.

Splits: 6:35, 6:41, 6:32, 6:27

Pleasingly moving to 10k pace by the end, all on my own. Ran back via FC with Barts and Eoin in order to c/d. 16k all up for lunch.

I think today marks the start of a promising 2017! I need to drop the junk and pick up the intensity.

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