Hickson 4x2km – The Good HURT

Hickson 4x2km – The Good HURT

In the old days, this was 4x2km. 2016 marks a lower benchmark of 3x2km. Chosen course from Passenger Terminal out to Barangaroo with the digital screen marking the end-point. Almost all the 20-odd that showed looked pretty heat-stroked by #3.

Scanning the turnout it was obvious you’d have a spread from 3:30s (say Timmy, Champ) down to the 4:00s (Conway) give or take. Upfront, just CT, Barts and I. My cycle time was 60s hence it was solo #2-4.

Rep #1 tucked into CT to 1km with no build-up. Tough work holding on and just as I was building rhythm, I collided with a fat male pedestrian. Got dropped but the damage was done. Solo through Barangaroo fighting strange cross-winds. 2.01km in 6:34 at 3:15s (measuring 10m long). CT declined my request to re-start after 60s – solo from here.

Back home for rep #2 helped by the back guys shouting encouragement as we crossed. Watch at 1km said 3:15s, which motivated me to finish strong into a light breeze. Once done, it was clear the legs are not recovered from a serious last 5 days – Saturday’s race, Sunday’s LR and Tuesday’s set. 2.01km in 6:36 at 3:16s. Strangely, I found YC was stretching his Achilles but not running.

Knew rep #3 had to be strong. No watch peaking but the intensity felt like a 10km. The form was good despite a rapidly deteriorating state of tiredness. 6:33 at 3:15s. Considered myself ‘done’ by this stage but felt there was a little bit left in the old body.

#4 ugly but character building. Low expectations setting out but again the odd shout-out from the likes of CT, Kiwi Mike, Charlie, Timmy and later Renee kept me honest. Finished strong in a mixed frame of mind – ‘why did I think to do 4’ offset by ‘job done, go eat lunch’. 6:34 at 3:15s.

8.0km in 26:11 at 3:16s. Bang on even split the entire set – what I planned, and what I did.

Cool-down saw me jog out and return with the main pack returning to the start-zone. Good efforts from everyone with Timmy and later Charlie verbally describing their solid performances.

Tired obviously, but euphoric that I’ve done another Tues plus Thurs double. It’s coming together and I’m enjoying the tough sets. Slow slow jog home to make 17km for the day.

Swim tomorrow. No doubt, I’ll enjoy the rest day.

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