Hickson 4x2ks

Hickson 4x2ks

Monday – Wharves

Cracking weather for a recovery run with HuRTS. Clocked up a few bonus Ks with Eoin before joining a  large bunch at Macquarie Street. Found myself upfront controlling the pace at 4:40s which was as best as I could muster post yesterday’s big run.

Mainly chatted to Nick, Renee, Yum Cha and Charlie out to Barangaroo before making the return journey and finishing up at CQ.

Around 60 min on the legs like always is the default for Monday. Finished up doubting whether I’d be good for speed work on Tuesday.

Tuesday – 2k Reps

Pouring rain, deep puddles and a somewhat small turnout at OPT. After a stern chat from Charlie in the lift, I did turn up despite motivational issues.

The set is 2k reps from OPT to the Barangaroo Cove area with a 2 min rest. Luckily today there was an evenly matched group upfront that was sitting around 6:30 to 6:40 for each rep. This included Quentin, JFen, Andy Heyden, Mike Lich. and a few other guest appearances.

Got through #1-4 just fine working as a team with a view to progressively increasing the pace. #1 drafted behind JFen, #2 shared the load, #3 led and #4 was outsprinted by the Frenchman and Andy.

2k Splits: 6:40, 6:33, 6:28, 6:34. 

Completed a short c/d with Mike and JFen to get the Ks up to 14k. JFen is hitting some early season form, whilst Mike is off to race in Japan (he says he’ll do Tokyo marathon ‘easy’ – doubt it).

Very happy with today’s effort in slow conditions.

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