Hill Repeats

Hill Repeats

Wednesday – Lofuts Repeats

Broken miles at OPT with HuRTS? No thanks, not in the middle of a heat wave. The more irrational decision was to head out 20min ahead of the Redleaf Crew (Smolly, Champ, Phil, Charlie, Liam) and throw myself against the nastiest hill in a 5k radius of the CBD.

The thinking is ‘hills is speed work in disguise‘.

By noon I was at Loftus Ave and ready for the onslaught. 250m length, 35m climb. 8 repeats to be exact. I put the head down and worked off roughly 2:45 cycles. By #6 it was certainly feeling it in the legs and thank god the guys came by to rescue me at the end of #8.

Splits bottom to top: 89, 90, 89, 88, 81, 85, 85, 86, 82

Elapsed time on the hills maybe 22 min, which is not dissimilar to last week’s Timmy’s 20 min hills. Joined the back of the gang with what remained of my legs. A nice dip at Redleaf then back to the CBD. Unfortunately Phil / Pete / Smolly / Champ decided to tempo the return leg. In my desperation not to be dropped, I ignored the dead legs and hung on for dear life.

14k all up. Good quality run.

Ran home via Blackwattle to round out 20k for the day. Stood up by Jac at Pyrmont Bridge – apparently she was 30s behind but too slow to catch me.

Thursday – Cremorne Point

36 degrees in the morning, moving to a pleasant 31 degrees by noon. Met Brendan and Elle at the usual spot and we quickly landed on Cremorne Point. Didn’t think my legs could handle another beating of hills but the pace was so relaxed I did just fine.

Points of interest today were:
– the southerly is a godsend
– Cremorne Point is the place to retire
– 2 or more kids is an easy way to destroy your running career

The return leg (out and back) is always a slug and it seemed Elle was struggling to keep up. Anyway, all of us banked a good 14k.

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