Not a good feeling down my right side. A point pain in my hip right which has now manifested as a pain through the foot (as if I’m leaning to my right side heavily on each stride). A massage is well overdue.

Monday – run swim run. Decided to run to Ian Thorpe pool which is a good 6k away rather than my usual go-to pool LPAC (1.5k away). In the end I managed 2k albeit way slower than what I had achieved on Friday with LJ. Passed 1k in 20:20 (over 60s per lap) and slowed down further clocking 2k in 41:20.

Tuesday – back on deck at work. The hip continues to give me grief and so the best I could do was an out and back to Jackson’s Landing with Sammy T. Covered 13k all up in sticky conditions.

The joys of watching a child develop. Trinity walking at 16 months vs last weekend (she’s soon to be two).

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