Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern

Fitness holding pattern now reverts to a Domain –> Farm Cove –> Barangaroo –> CQ 13km course. Started this one with Brendan and his mate James. Turns out J used to be an ex-cycling pro and boasts a sub-10 Ironman off no real training. Dodged the Corporate Cup runners and politely declined an invite to join the Telstra Team (Coach Walker, Champ). Nice and relaxing run, highly enjoyable. BW dropped before 8km turn obviously beehiving for the Hunter Food Court 3 for $2 spring roll special. That is NOT a joke. Finished the 13km run with J in 60 min. Very relaxed 4:55s pace.

With the confidence high, I left the bike at work and jogged home via Blackwattle. Ran alongside old uni-mate Andrew (on a one-speed bike) for 80% of the run who lives close. This meant the pace was 4:50s which is still nice. 18km for the day.

Walked in the door to find Trinity giggling. Win.




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