HuRTS 14x3min

HuRTS 14x3min

I will always lose 2 hrs sleep when the 14x3min pops up on the HuRTS calendar. 14 reps is crazy and it shows in the attrition rate.

AM: Core

Kicking the day off with 18 min strength work; watch ran over by 3 min as I did Turkish Get-ups. The first 5 was all out burpees. The key for the remainder was preserve the legs. After completing some KB exercises and core-stuff, I popped the shoes on and jogged 6km to work down Pyrmont Bridge Rd.

Lunch: HuRTS

A jog over to the Opera House Gates with warrior Charlie and J Lambert to find a good 30-odd. Today’s added challenges include a stiff N-Westerly and a fenced off grass area near the start meaning massive congestion issues (PITD, Asian Tourists, School Kids, you name it)

Normally it is 14×3 min (gate-to-gate) for most but my modified version is adding a 60s float which I think is better for marathon training:

  • keeps the HR high, adds endurance, but
  • lowers the intensity a little

I must have an influence on Jeet and Little Tom because they copied.

Anyway, the legs started tired and at my sub 3:20s (sustained), it was a battle of attribution. The key today was start at the back and make a meal of the slower guys such that I had something to chase. The tough bits were fighting the wind in the last 60s each rep and I think on #5 Barts giving me a serve for not helping upfront (if he can run 69 min at GC, then he’s fine going solo).

80% drop-off #10, and I’d say a dozen claiming all 14 reps. Big pats on the back to the likes of Charlie, Elle, Champ, James and Little Tom.

15.7km in 56:00 at 3:33 min/km ave pace. Sitting at 3:15s for 3 min, then a more relaxed 4:30s for 60s.

A long 1km c/d back to work with Charlie concluding that this is a terrifying but great session.

PM: 5km run home. As slow as it gets. 27km for the day. Boy that diner tasted good.

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