HuRTS 2×10 min – Half Set

HuRTS 2×10 min – Half Set

AM: easy 7km sort of testing the legs. They feel better than Monday. 6/10 right now.

PM: Big bunch at the Pillars for the 4×10 min though the critical mass was at the slower side. Of the faster suspects, really just Fats and Crossy.

I felt 2×10 min was right with a view that the slow recovery from last week should not be derailed. Modified loop around Mrs Mac Chair then back to the Pillars as Farm Cove was out of bounds. The road works made for interesting truck dodging. Elevation was sort of U shaped meaning a late stage climb each rep.

#1 straight out of the blocks with Fats. Thought I would lose him on the descent to ABC but fought back on the bend and dragged him at 3:25s back uphill. Finished 15m shy of the Pillars 2.9km.

#2 slightly harder as I knew it would be my last. Gapped Fats quickly, pushed sub 3:20s on the back half and in fact had 25s to spare at the Pillars. Had to cross all the way in front of St Marys. Pretty buggered but the legs were OK.

#3 easy at 3:50s in the peleton trying to generate chat with the likes of Sammy J, Conway, Champ, then Bruce. Did not get much back from them…not sure if it’s the hills or my personality.

From here, Tommy came jogging down and I joined him (and later Jeet) for a 6km cool-down around OH. Nice little unwind to the earlier intensity.

5.8 min in 20 min at 3:20s. Splits 3:19, 3:30, 3:33, 3:16, 3:19, 3:23

13km all up including the cool-down. I’m expecting a few more easy days and I’ll be right.

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