HuRTS 45 min Fartlek

HuRTS 45 min Fartlek

I sensed today could be the day I end a losing streak of endless junk Ks. Two weeks since my last speed set?

The set is 45 min fartlek, divided into 5×9 min blocks of 3/2/1 with 60s float. Clearly that’s too confusing for some as it took Timmy way too much time to explain this to a crowd of 30.

Took the first half conservatively – it’s the B-grade guys I worked with including Fats, JFen, Tongy and for as long as they survived, Ray, Fehon and Kev. I’d say I did 80% of the work and happily landed our group some 250m past Barangaroo Gates at the 22:30 turn.

Awkward 180 (30s into a 2 min rep) and then it became every man for himself. Again, the flu did not seem am issue and so I was happy to add 5% intensity and see the HR steadily build. After a well fought slug around FC, I scalped the ‘bulk’ runners on the climb past ABC. Sometimes it looks like those guys walk the hills…

1km stretch up Mrs Mac Rd, I attempted a pass at Craig P (jogging). He’s done this before and he did it today. He jumps onto my heels, breathes down my neck like a jealous lover and won’t let go. Today it scared the hell out of me which led me to surge the final climb past the Gallery. Yes, he was dropped thank god.

Looking at my HR, it was >170bpm at the close. Not sure if this was the sub 3:20s of the aforementioned case of intra-run sexual harassment. Hit the Pillar with 15s to spare implying a negative split!

12.6km in 45:00 at 3:33 min/km.

A c/d with JFen and Barts around Farm Cove saw me get the lunch mileage up to 18km. Given my speedwork is so patchy, I am always thrilled to get it done.

A good day of running. The evening involved 7km, nice and easy in the company of Christian. Blackwattle Bay at sunset is magic.

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