HuRTS 45 min Progressive Tempo

HuRTS 45 min Progressive Tempo

I suspect the only way for me to improve is to (i) stay injury free, and (ii) take speed work more seriously. With that in mind, my attitude towards the ‘Tough Tuesdays‘ needs to change.

Headed in today feeling as good as ever for a Tuesday. That’s not saying much as normally I’m buggered. Backed up yesterday’s 20 min strength set with another  – this time I stayed off the legs. Closed out the AM with a 6km jog into work (5:30s, which is quite fast).

Lunch – in my view the 45 min progressive is the easiest of all the Tuesday sets. 10/10/10/10/5 with a 10s/k step-up. The first 10 is a warm-up, and the only red-lining happens in the closing 5 where you should be at 10km pace.

Turnout was good, many backing it up from Sunday. I was right to suspect most would be dialing back the intensity. Upfront, it was a little more sparse. JFen was good for about 20 min, then Jerome helped me for 30 min.

Pacing was solidly conservative. Certainly I was moving well in the back half shown by a pass of the peleton around FC. It’s impossible to actually step up 10s/K on the uphills post MMC. That’s where I do best and the 3:30s is OK. A return with 100s to spare put me as the first HuRTS home! That 100s I used to extend the run down Hospital Rd.

12.2km at 3:38 min/km ave pace. I enjoyed the session and am surprised how easily I’ve back it up post Sunday.

Also it is great to see three others from work attend the set – Charlie, Wooey and Matt Ingram.

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