HuRTS 4×10 min

HuRTS 4×10 min

Decided to do this session last minute. Literally.

What swayed me? Well my last speed session was 8 days ago (Monday, 8x500s) and even that was a poor effort. Also I’ve learnt not to shy away from shocking conditions. Specifically today 38 degrees, humid and a nasty southerly.

Maybe 15 turned up at the Opera House Gates – clearly only those not afraid to hurt themselves. After a quick brief on the set we were off on the 10 min reps (x4) with 2 min rest.

In the end the 4 reps went by very quickly. Outbound way harder for obvious reasons (wind, uphill) allowing me to actually ‘relax’ on the return legs. Didn’t look at the watch but I was pretty consistent in the end points. Maybe 70m before the Stone Pillars at the end of #1, and #3, and 100m past the OH gates on #2, #4. Suspect the average pacing was 3:30s give or take. The real magic was jumping into the harbour near the OH along with Gus, Renee, Chris, Yum Cha, JC.

A short c/d back to the office got me to 16k in 65 min (4:04s).

A bit of R&R for the rest of the week. No need to push hard.

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