HuRTS 4x2k OPT

HuRTS 4x2k OPT

A new acronym for the dictionary. OPT = Overseas Passenger Terminal.

First set in perhaps 6-7 weeks with HuRTS and in many ways entirely unplanned. Hot hot and humid today down at the OPT which maybe explains the less-than-record turnout.

Most do 3x2ks nowadays and upfront CT, Barts and some very lean, tall bald guy were hitting 3:10s. I think I’ve lost some speed as I was uncomfortably drafting off Enda and Lambert for #1 and #2 at 3:30s. It never felt easy.

The later half was just as tough, though the pace was actually quicker. Knocked out #3 with some help and joined about 4 others to bring it home back to OPT. Really happy with today’s effort. To keep the HR high, I floated at 4:30s on the 90s rest.

Rough 2k splits: 7:00, 6:55, 6:50, 6:40. 

4k warm-up, 2k warm-down got me to 14k for lunch. Legs feel tired but not wrecked. I am clearly not able to deal with much training load right now (not sure why?).

Looking forward to swimming tomorrow!

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