HuRTS 4×5 min efforts

HuRTS 4×5 min efforts

Monday am: nice and easy 12km down to Marrickville in a figure 8. I actually added a few drills: each odd km, high knees (x20), then even km, heel kicks (x40). 12km all up in darkness.

Monday arvo: Lorie suggested a 20 min kettle bell workout using her 6kg weight (appropriate for a tiny girl). How bad can it be? Well that was the longest 20 min ever. Lunges, squads burpees, all sorts of (horrible) raises. Sweating profusely, in a world of hurt (in a good way).

It’s also clear Trinity has given me a mild flu. Sore throat, stage 1.

Tuesday – 4×5 min near Art Gallery.

What have I done to the legs? Literally hobbling around post workout rending my chances of completing a full 8×5 min non-existent. In any case, if I run Canberra it is ~11 days away. The cooler temps brought out a huge crew starting Stone Pillars.

Upfront there was Barts, Little T and Fats. I did well to keep an aggressive Fats in my line-of sight for 4 reps (whereby, I was done). Back half was particularly tough due to a net uphill (from Mrs Mac bend) and a nasty headwind. No one was able to even split the efforts. The Frenchman proved great competition on #4 (my final rep).

As the team completed two more out-and-backs, my c/d was with Tom and Kanser then Champ near the back. I did cop some flack from the team but completing 50% set is fine if it’s pre-planned. Every single session, I see the same suspects fade.

5.9km over 20 min at 3:25s. Pacing splits 3:29, 3:24, 3:36, 3:20, 3:22, 3:19 (a good finish).

13km all up for lunch including the extended c/d.

Flu wise, next stage is runny nose.

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