HuRTS 4×5 min Farm Cove

HuRTS 4×5 min Farm Cove

Morning – 10 min X-training inspired by Conway and Sammy J. Burpees with pyramid push-ups in a 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 sequence. In between, 50 kettlebell reps on a peewee weight. 3 sets in total. Knackered.

Lunch – HuRTS 4×5 min with 60s rest. 

Great crowd, beautiful sun, terrible cross-winds. Several ‘peacocks‘ floating around after the weekend’s heroic efforts at Homebush. To name a few: Lambert, Moyle, Steve P, Taffy, Timmy. Then of course, Barts and Macca are back from London.

Comfortably hard for 50% of the set, then jog the rest was my plan. To my dismay, the ranks upfront are indeed depleted with the top guys either injured, recovering or MIA. I suppose you come to expect this in peak racing season.

Just one ally for my #1-4 reps in Darren Moyle, who surely consumes more bandages (for his legs) than first degree burn victim. First 2 reps a touch below 3:30s, then last 2 a more serious 3:18s. Then done, guilt free to tag along with the peleton and mingle. I’d say #6 involved helping Renee at 4:00s though perhaps I just didn’t want to get chicked…

13km all up with 6km of ‘quality‘, then 7km junk.

Evening – jog from CBD over to Rozelle to meet Lorie for dinner, adding 4km. A nice loosener. The niggles and flattish quads are still there but improving. Still on track to tackle SMH as a B race.

Trinity ~7 months. The little tiger is starting to show some personality.


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