HuRTS – 60 min fartlek 3 on 1 off

HuRTS – 60 min fartlek 3 on 1 off

The dreaded 14x3min off 60s rest around Farm Cove comes again. I make a habit never to miss this even with the handicap of a tight hammy.

Per usual, I met the team at the OH gates where Timmy was soon to let us loose. Modified set for me – a half-mara type intensity with 60s float. It keeps the HR high and is more suitable to marathon training.

Started slow and really built into the set. Upfront, the likes of CT, JFen and even BFehon were pushing 3:15s leaving a chase pack with Macca, myself and Heyden some 10m back. I think I covered ~900m each 3 min which translates to low 3:20s. A good 60s float then back into it.

With the HR slowly climbing 1-10, I was in the hurt zone by #11 and simply happy to see out a few more t the same intensity. As always, only the bravest did 14 reps. Why did I do 15? Who ever does a 56 min fartlek.

16.9km in 60 min at 3:33s ave pace.

20km at lunch. Nice to have a short c/d with Timmy, who similarly had a breakthrough session.

Personally, super happy. Hammy pulled up alright – it felt worse in the morning. That is my speed work done for August, September and October.

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