HuRTS 8×5 min Farm Cove

HuRTS 8×5 min Farm Cove

Maybe 6 weeks since I’ve actually completed a HuRTS Tuesday set. In fact for a Tuesday, I started the day fresher than I can remember. So it was destined that I would smash some pavement at Farm Cove.

Big turnaround for the 8x5min off a 90s rest. 2km w/up noting a nasty westerly and leaving me scared that the return leg would be really bad. After a quick 3 min banter, Timmy set us off.

Started slowish because the company upfront was sketchy at best. The early reps saw me simply put the head down, lead downwind then once the wind turned, share the work with a few that dared run sub 3:25s into a headwind. I can mainly thank Little Tom (in the five fingers), CT good for two and Frenchman for the last. My focus was moving to 3:20s which is sort of 10k to half mara pace.

Rounding out #6, mentally I was in the mission accomplished zone but then I saw 60% of the pack readying for #7-8, I didn’t want to miss out. Last two at the same intensity whereby my legs were tired but not shot.  Felt sorry for Barts who started late and battled on solo.

12.0km at 3:20S.

Early splits were 3:30s, but by #2 I was sitting between 3:15s and low 3:20s depending on the wind. In my view, a real breakthrough today. Timmy is quite right in that I need to be more committal in training.

Double commute plus lunch puts me over 20km for the day.

Back at home, the daughter is now crawling and it’s clear she is destined for a career in running. Look at that flexibility.


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