HuRTS ABC 1.5km

HuRTS ABC 1.5km

Complete re-run of Thursday. Literally.

AM – easy meander into work via Glebe. Sluggish and lethargic with a tight hip. Got me thinking, bad sleeping position?

Lunch – jog over to ABC in the same 30 degree temp with Brendan Yum Cha (YC). HuRTS were already well into the set by 12:30pm.

Lowest intensity session ever. Slipped medium lane LHS of the team and enjoyed a near monopoly. Slow strokes, consistent flutter kicks trying to stretch out the hips. 1.5km in 30 flat.

The proper fish included Timmy, Krorney, Paul, Taffy, YC, Paul and Pete Walker all following Walker’s session for the day.

Same 3km cool-down as yesterday around Farm Cove with YC happy to join me. Once again, YC beehived straight across Bridge St towards the Hunter St clutching a shiny $2 coin.

PM – make that a triple set. Run home across Anzac Bridge.

14km running for the day.

Will defer my initial plans to race North Head. ITB needs a massage after a big Jan-Feb training. Booking with Kevin McCarthy tomorrow instead. Not too fussed as there is tonnes of chances to race and I’m confident the form will not be lost.

Good luck to everyone racing.

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