HuRTS Awards

HuRTS Awards

Uncharacteristically late to update my blog, primarily an o/n trip to Melbourne combined with a food poisoning.

Thursday – HuRTS 2016 Awards Night

The big day rolls around, marking 10 years for the group and another great year.

Lunch I was over to MAC building to supposedly meet LJ/Erika but they were a no-show. Turns out the time was moved back 15 min. After a few loops like a lost dog I did the reverse-wharves circuit. Kept the pace nicely relaxed. Once I hit FC, 9k was in the bank and I felt I was good for another 6k.

Knocked out 6x120m strides on the grass, before joining Liam and Smolly as they ran back past ABC. Saw some of the HuRTS finishing up Timmy’s 20 min hills + 5k tempo. They are a committed bunch…

15km at 4:50s. 

Some 4 hours later, found myself over at Hero of Waterloo near The Rocks for the Awards Night. Unfortunately with an 8pm flight I could only stay 45 min. Nonetheless, fantastic turnout not to mention much anticipation over who would win the coveted awards. The key was POTY and I really felt Tom deserved it – hence he got my vote.

Awards as follows:

Performer of the Year: Tom Highnam
Female of the Year: Renee Everett
Improver of the Year: Brendan Fehon
Under Achiever: Dave Kane
Ultra/Walker: Erika Jordan
Triathlete of the Year: Peter Walker
Spirit: Tim Lindop
‘I Gave it Everything’: Jeet Aich

Missed the speeches and presentations, which really does suck. Thankfully I made my flight with 5 min to spare by which time Lambert had given my the update.

Friday – Melbourne

A late touch down in Melbourne on Thursday night, then a taxi to Carlton where I was staying. Sadly the only midnight meal available was a kebab shop. How bad could a chicken kebab (no cheese, no garlic sauce)?

Well I spent the entire night bent over a toilet bowl and the better part of Friday with debilitating stomach cramps. Attempted a 25 min walk into CBD North for a breakfast meeting. Location of choice was #1 rated cafe Hardware Societe. Sadly all I could stomach was an OJ. This was pure heartbreak. Jumped in a cab to my next meeting in tears.

Got through my meetings (barely) and did not eat a morsel of food till 5pm. So the day’s exercise can be summarised as 60 min walking in pain. Glad to be back in Syd that same night.

Saturday – Inner West

The ‘pain’ has not passed but I felt better vs 24 hours ago. With Champ’s +1 joining Lorie for a walk, that provided a good 80 min for Champ and I to wander around the suburbs. Started near the Canal, headed to Iron Cove Bridge and did the Drummoyne Cove loop. We sat at 5:00s the whole way. Could not have gone any faster given intermittent sharp pains in my insides.

Didn’t think I’d get to 10k, but proved myself wrong. Time passed quickly and before we knew it we were looping around Five Dock and back to Orange Grove with 17k done. My dog Molly was also there, though she’s clearly lost fitness. 17k at 5:05s. 

Here we are at the markets enjoying B&E rolls, sausage rolls and pastry. I didn’t have an appetite hence only got a nibble. Life is terrible when I can’t enjoy my customary Saturday Baked Eggs or $20 avocado on toast…



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