HuRTS Centennial

HuRTS Centennial

HuRTS Centennial

Headed over to Running Science (Rozelle) at an ungodly 6am start to meet Fletch for a 20ker. Felt really sluggish and lethargic which has been a pattern for the last 2 weeks. Despite my efforts, he didn’t turn up. So I had 3 choices:

– Woodstock group doing 1815-k from LPAC at 6:30am
– Striders 10 Bridges from Longuiville
– HuRTS in Centennial

Chose HuRTS and was rewarded with decent company and flat terrain. Took a longer route via Blackwattle Bay and even ran into Amanda (aka Fats’ wife) on the way down at Bicentennial. Some 8k later, I linked in with the crew near where they were well into the 6k loop.

Timmy’s quite right in that this group cannot keep together. Honestly that’s why I have stopped running with them. Today the likes of the Barangan Brothers, Eloise and a few others powered along at 4:15s on the warm-up lap. Anyway, I vented my frustrations and was glad that Timmy, LJ, Eoin generally agreed (though I’d say LJ was front stepping me the whole time). We were sitting at 4:35s.

Picked up NOTB visitors Scotty, Barts and Frenchman Jerome for the 10k loop at 7am. Real pleasure having these guys along. 10k passed fairly quickly during which Eoin mentioned he was not only doing 40k today, but backing it up by making lasagne for a dinner party. I was so impressed with this that I decided to replicate his 40k.

Exited the park at 28k – 10k w/u, 15k with HuRTS, 3k solo – and loitered back west through Redfern and Newtown just looking to see out my irrational goal. Legs were complaining from about 35k, but I knew I’d get there in the end. Last bit was around Stanmore and Leichhardt battling gentle hills.

40k done in 3:05 at 4:37s. 

One of today’s topics was runaway house pricing and $20 avocado on toast. On that note, I went to an auction yesterday in Lilyfield. The house is admittedly on a double block, nicely designed, adjacent to a school. The buyer had his wife in his ear the whole time and as a result paid $4.4m. I explained to Lorie:

– If she was single and her spending went to zero into perpetuity, she’d afford this in 100 years; or
– We’d be looking at a loan with $21k pm repayments for 30 years. If rates go up, we’d be screwed.

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