HuRTS Rushcutters 6x1km

HuRTS Rushcutters 6x1km

Initially a 3km warm-up with Charlie and Jeet down to Rushcutters for some 6x1km off 5 min cycles. Good turnout – Glen is back, Sam J survived LASIK and Tom can once again move sub 6 min pace.

Upfront CT all alone at 3s, with a 2nd group mainly FJen, Colin and The Frenchman at 3:15s. With low motivation and tired legs, my initial decision was sensibly followed: 2x warm-up, 2x half mara pace, 2x 10k pace.

Epic fail rep #1 barefoot. Bindis everywhere, making the 3:35 split the hardest 1km I’ve done since the end of Six Foot Track. Nevertheless, splits were progressive. Ran to my watch distance, 30m longer than the group. I believe the rest were doing 6x960m intervals….

Splits: 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:22, 3:17, 3:16. 

6km in 20 min at 3:20 ave pace. 

Once again, worked with JFen and Colin in the faster reps. Legs felt really fatigued by the end. Clearly cumulative racing and training soreness.

12km for the lunch session post a cool-down with Tom and Erika.

Confession – double commute adding 12km at 6 min/km. 24km for the day. I need a massage.

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