HuRTS Wharves

HuRTS Wharves

A planned easy day consisting a single run only. It follows a big last week and some pretty sluggish legs this AM.

Joined HuRTS alongside 15-odd mainly the usual suspects. Felt way better at noon than I did at 6am. Thus, happy to stay upfront at 4:40s alongside Tym, Brendan F, Frenchman and Eoin as the pace gradually wound up. The progression was basically 4:40s to 4:15s by the end.

The pressure of pace plus heat was hard indeed which showed in the casualties. For example, 50/50 fracture at 8km (end of wharves), 2 dropped at 10km (turn point), 4 pulled up stumps at at 11km (CQ). Just the Frenchman and I left on the final loop around the Opera House. Coincidentally, Charlie popped up with the intention of jumping in the harbour for a swim – what a good decision to follow.

14km at 4:38s. 

No doubt, my legs will thank me for such an easy day. Subject to work, will either do Tues or Thurs speed but not both. Overall, very pleased with my state of being.

Speaking of 2016 goals, Gus has got me thinking. Some Texan bloke set the WR for a half-marathon – 71:27. Is that harder than the 2:32 WR for marathon? In any case, I have some work to do.



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