Hobart and Melbourne for most of the week on work.

Monday – Bay Run at 5:00s. Felt achy and fatigued after the long run the prior day. Flew over to Hobart (direct) and backed it up in the evening with 25 min in the gym at the hotel. Fiddled around with about 3 machines. Of the 25 min, only 10 min was actually constructive. I need someone to show me how to use these machines.

Tuesday – Ran south along the water past the CBD / CSIRO and past UTAS. It’s pretty beautiful and the cool weather is a lot nicer than Sydney. It was a 7k out, 7k back run to Seagrass Bay. 14k all up at 4:45s.

Wednesday – this time I went north along the cycle track. Ran up to Cornelia Bay and then did a few loops in the nearby Cemetery. 15k all up.

Thursday – Melbourne today. Staying at Stamford for a full day of meetings. Given I have not yet done a session this week, this was the day. Ran along the river then turned left towards MCG and the Tennis Courts. There’s a little 500m athletics track across from the MCG. Stopped over here and knocked out 6x1k intervals with a 500m float. Was not moving well at all but to be fair, my fitness is low. 1k splits:

3:30, 3:35, 3:25, 3:22, 3:20, 3:14

Jog back to the CBD got me to 12k.

Friday – have come down with a flu, which happens every time I travel. All I could manage today was a Pyrmont Run with Sam. 2k to Bungalow 8, 10k out and back to JL. Felt rubbish the whole time.


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