Irish Dream

Irish Dream

Not a huge amount of excitement in my usual Friday staple. Just Enda and Mr Renovation (Craig) as my company out to Hickson boom gate. Both were trying to sell me the idea of how great it is to live in Ireland with young kids. Dublin to be specific. I’m not convinced.

Coming back to CQ, we were overtaken by Frenchman and Lambert. The feedback is most of HuRTS will stay in bed tomorrow rather than battle 30kph wind, pouring rain and cold temps up at the Striders North Head 10km. Thanks to Charlie for his weather predictions.

13km all up at lunch. I feel good because the pace was easy.

So good that I ran home via Pyrmont and Blackwattle Bay. By then I had decided I did not need to freshen up for a potential race. Thus happy days adding another 8km.

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