Iron Cove to Parramatta

Iron Cove to Parramatta

Iron Cove to Parramatta

Flu has hit my household and I was too late to quarantine the wife / bub in the shed out back. Felt rubbish this AM and pondered what to do…

HuRTS in CP have been doing sub 4:30s of late, too fast and I’ve been to CP twice this week already! I hatched an ambitious plan B involving running west. Specifically, out to Parramatta where I’m well due to try a new cafe. It’s called Circa.

Rolled CW around the Bay Run to IC Bridge (north side), up to Gladesville Bridge then winding my way west parallel to Victoria Rd. It’s the same front half as Tym B’s CCW giant waterside loop that cuts back through Rhodes. This time, I don’t cross over the railway bridge. To call this a cardio workout is a stretch: 5:00s is all the legs would allow.

At 15km near Meadowbank, I knew it would be a tough day. Specifically at 22km the quads started to almost cramp and all I could think of was getting to 30km.  The dreaded cramp never came but it turned into fatigue.

Not to worry, I slowed the pace and plodded my way into the CBD-of-the-West. Thankfully I had hit the 30km and my time was up. Completed the LR feeling like I’d just knocked out a 40km tempo.

31km at 4:57s. Though work doing this solo. I need an easy day tomorrow.

Here is a just reward for my epic struggle. A coffee.


And then a double feed.


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