Junk and Strides

Junk and Strides

Sticking to the plan, plus more.

AM: 6km nice and easy to work. Left the bike there after a late one in office. So on foot I circled Blackwattle Bay just as the sun was creeping up. Sydney is the best!

Lunch: the social thing to do is 400s at Rushcutters. Yet, the hill over Potts Point is scary. Instead, met Tym B at the Gallery for some bread n’ butter junk Ks. As usual, we hugged the water around to the end of Hickson at 5:00s type pace.

Poor Tym has been battling PF for 6 months – you name it, he’s done it: physio switch, acupuncture, rehab exercises, on and off running. I still believe he will output a 36 flat 10km and a sub 3:00 marathon soon enough. After a turn at the boom gate, we retraced the wooden boardwalks then completed 8x100m strides. More a muscle loosener and a reminder that sub 5:00s does exist. Just a few HuRTS in this side of the CBD – Elle, Biggsy.

The run got me to 12.5km with 8x100m strides. Checking Strava, I’m at 75k for this week. Triple digits is a given if I rock up on Sunday (untapered). More junk in my training than the Cook’s River west of Marrickville…

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