King George Fartlek

King George Fartlek

Mild left ankle pain again, suggesting a flattish run with no hills was wise. I penciled a 10km plus strides. After jogging to King George Park near Iron Cove, this plan mutated into a different beast consisting 10km of strides.

This is how it looked:
– 10 x 400m alternating 100m @ 85% effort, 100m float
– 12 x 450m alternating 250m @ 85% effort, 200m float

Initially, I was to stop at 10 laps (4km). Kept the kms ticking over encouraged by decent leg freshness and a not-too-high heart rate.

– 100m started at 3:25s (#1) and closed at 3:00s (#20)
– 250m steady around 3:00s for all 12
– recovering floats 4:45s or slower.

10km covered all up in 39 min, 3:52 min/km. Looks closer to a fartlek session. A good set all round because I was able to feel 3 min/km pacing without facing red-zone pain.

Added a 7km cool-down around the Bay Run. Seriously dehydrated upon returning. I almost went for the dog bowl.

17km all up.

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