Invited myself to the Charlie and Damien party, over to the North Shore. Wooey also came along after I promised him an easy 10k. Difficult to describe the circuit, but broadly speaking we went past North Sydney pool, following the water around to Kirribilli. Tracking north, we then went around the Kurraba Point area ending up at that secret beach down the bottom of a dead-end road.

Overall, a massively hilly route that’s good for strength. Wooey was in a world of pain and almost gave up at 6k. Re-crossed the bridge, then followed Charlie to the monkey bars at Observatory Hill. It’s a weird way to finish, but I spent 5 minutes doing more ‘guy stuff’ such as push-ups, attempted chin-ups, and sit-ups. That little area near the monkey bars is a testosterone mosh-pit of sweaty dudes. I don’t belong here.

Got bored, chatted to Jamie (from Manly) about kids, then headed back to work with what remained of Wooey.

11k all up in 60 min flat.


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