KOTM Bellevue Hill

KOTM Bellevue Hill

Wednesday – Bellevue Hill

Backed it up after yesterday’s speed session as I felt my legs were in reasonably good shape. The segment is 1.45km long, starting at Double Bay near Petbarn. It’s a 5.8% gradient with sub-segments of steep rises followed by more marginal slopes. For some reason the Telstra guys – Champ and Gary – are obsessed with then King of the Mountain KOTM on strava. Champ holds the record which I believe is 6:10 over the 1.4k stretch.

Joined Champ and Gary at the Pillars with the Hill being today’s goal. Ran the long way around Garden Island and Rushcutter’s Oval which provided a nice 6k warm-up to the base. From there we split. Started steady unsure whether to go for the Strava Record.

Got through the first 400m already regretting my decision to stick to low 4:00s min/k. Survival mode by 800m and really felt I was in the red zone by the time the hill flattens out a little at 1.1k in. Lucky the last 300m is a crest so I was able to hold the pace. Got to the top knocking the segment out in 5:36 (3:55s).

That puts me a comfortable #1 on all time records. Champ, Gary and later Luke popped up some 1 min later so today they were taking it easy. A jog back down NSH road to the city was enough to leave me fairly spent.

15k all up.

Thursday – Wharves

With Erika doubling up from a morning session, this was the perfect excuse to run as slow as possible. Ran out to Barangaroo at what was probably slower than 5:00s. Suited me just fine. We parted ways at 6k, the half point for my run. I rounded out the mileage over at Darling Harbour. In reality I was waiting to link up with Sam but he never turned up at the said meeting point.

No matter, a pretty easy 13k on sore legs.


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