Ks and Hills

Ks and Hills

Friday – NOTB

End of the week, a free-for-all day as always. 15 min core/strength stuff to get the body warm before heading off to work.

Lunch – met LJ, Champ, Craig and Jeet at 12:10am as per a Whatsapp arranged recovery. The first 3km was easy, so much so Champ and I chucked a mutiny and went North. It was timely then we met the warriors guys (including Charlie, Damien + 2 others) on the Cahill Expressway as they always head North.

From there, a pace was steady fighting hills. A hammer on the quad downhill to Luna Park, the back up the stairs near Lav Bay and around to Blue’s Point. I thought we were done, but how wrong I was. Another little hilly round-trip to McMahons Point culminating in a spirit breaking hill up Union St.

Crossing back into the CBD, I took inspiration from Charlie and Champ by adding Cahill once again (and even had a 500m surge). Legs = knackered. It’s all cumulative from a heavy week. Once again, I am responsible for also destroying Champ’s legs.

15km in 80 min. I think Friday is my favourite run

Saturday – Molly

Killing two birds with one stone. A crisp, morning recovery run featuring water views and a chance to get Molly back in running form. I’ve been a neglectful owner of late.

The course took us over Iron Cove, then the usual loop around Drummoyne Cove and back via Chiswick. It is flat, scenic and peaceful. Hence I classify this as a dog walk aside from the final climb back up Lilyfield Rd. Even Molly was complaining. 20km all up. Very slow with some walking.

Tomorrow – C2S course with HuRTS then a fine brunch at Devon on Danks in Redfern. My next review…


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