Kurraba Point Recovery

Kurraba Point Recovery

Weekend’s effort perhaps still in the legs but I actually felt strong enough to do speed. That said, I’m loving the recovery week and respecting the mileage.

Jogged past the Pillars with Champ to see fear in the faces as the team embarked on the 45 min tempo. Admiration and pity. Relaxed pace per the usual loop down to OH where the desire for some base-building-on-hills took hold. Big surprise seeing Conway and Sam knocking out secret 800s around Farm Cove.

Past the OH gates, we climbed onto the Cahill Expressway then over the Bridge at a touch under 5:00s. A bit of pedestrian dodging saw us at Milson’s Point where we headed in the Cremorne Direction somewhat aimlessly. No idea where I ended up. Map shows Kurraba Point on rolling hills before retracing the steps to Macquarie Street. Felt much lighter and fresher after 14km (or so). That’s exactly what I want from this type run.

Champ’s destined for a big 2016 and even confessed his Olympic distance tri aspirations. 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. I recon if you top the Concord Tri Club ranks and look the sort, then there’s potential to represent a whole suite of SE Asian nations. The Thai national team better watch out (for Champ). I need to apply for a Philippine passport.

14km at 5:00s. A good quality recovery session with 300m elevation and fresher legs post than pre.

19km for the day after a jog to Rozelle to meet the girls for dinner. More of the same tomorrow.

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