Kurraba Point & Redleaf

Kurraba Point & Redleaf

Same strategy this week, and maybe the next 3 weeks. Base + hills… every day.

Tuesday – NOTB

Morning – worked up a great sweat with 30 min strength workout. I may be ready to move up from 16kg to 20kg. Tried a new routine called a ‘Windmill’. Must have done it all wrong as I am very sore as I write this…

Lunch – not a recovery run, nor speedwork. Chose to grind out the hills North of the Bridge (NOTB). Lucky I had Champ to join me as I probably would have walked.¬†Started at the Pillars and looped around FC where some 20 individuals were starting the 8×5 min. Jumped up the stairs and onto Cahill prep’ing for the hills to come.

Ventured all the way to Kurraba Point and even onto the grass area before crawling our way back to the Bridge. Never really felt comfortable the whole way but this is my plan over December / Jan. Lots of Ks and lots of hills. Champ looked pretty knackered by the end.

15k in 70 min.

Wednesday – Redleaf

The Chairman email went out calling for a mid-week Redleaf. Perfect, although after 5 min waiting he never showed up. Jogged the long way with Charlie, Jamie, Elle, Lambert, Taffy, Paul and two blokes I don’t know.

Initial thought was it was too cold to swim. That was quickly forgotten as those hills really hurt. Jumped in for 5 min perimeter lap. With regret I climbed out, then joined the gang in crawling our way back up the stairs. Decided I needed some flat turf so there was an extra little Rushcutters Point detour – only Lambert joined me on this bit.

Finally got back into the CBD having banked a good 13k. 6.5k out, 6.5k back and lots of hills.

Love Redleaf, so much so I’ll be back on Friday.

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