Kyoto LR

Kyoto LR

Kyoto LR

Sunday nicely aligned with the last AM in Kyoto (evening flight). Time to re-instate the LR 3 weeks after Canberra.

At 6:15am I headed NW through quiet suburbia for 6km at 5:00s. Eventually, I was wandering the greens of a golf course that straddles the hills in NW Kyoto. Enjoyed 7 of 18 holes and departed before the grounds keepers became suspicious that I was not a member.


Stage 2 was a south direction at 4:40s back through side-streets. Minor traffic dodging, a few dead ends and several identical shrines later it was time to head east as the watch hit 20km. Continued past Nijo Castle, then via the main shopping district until I hit the Kamo river. Rounded out 30km on the west bank just as the legs started to tire.

Great run all round. 30km in 4:40s. Tomorrow is either a short easy run or full rest day. Lingering soreness in both feet from a pretty solid week of running.

Ninna-ji templte (half way point).


A quick run-through the temple itself.


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